The focus of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe's Economic Development Plan is to foster business growth and development on or near the Reservation. These businesses will employ tribal members and local community members and provide profits and tax revenues to fund the tribal services. 

    One near term economic development goal is to construct Buildings conducive to the surroundings along with developing a comprehensive Hospice plan that will meet the Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual needs of patients and their families, both Tribe and general public. We will provide a program that will give comprehensive interdisciplinary care to terminally ill residents and their families. This care will be focused on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs plus will affirm that living and dying is the normal process of life.

Another Another near term economic development goal is to construct our long awaited Multi Purpose Cultural Center and Museum. This building will provide visitors with information about the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, our Reservation as well as our history and policies. The Milti Purpose Cultural Center and Museum will have on display the Schaghticoke Indian Tribes history, culture and information on issues and events important to the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe from the present and the past.
 All visitors are welcomed!