Our Mission:

The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe elected leaders have committed significant resources to the task of creating facilities in a central location on our Reservation where the Tribes cultural resources converge in a positive, peaceful and constructive manner.

The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe Community envisions a balancing of the forces of economic development with the foundations of long-established Community values.
It is way past High Time where we must deeply consider the living conditions, situations and surroundings of our elders as well as the children of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe.
We have quite an extensive list of Schaghticoke Indian Tribe people who are aging and would love to return to the grounds/Reservation of their ancestors and live out their lives as well as have their children and grandchildren return with them. In this way we would regain the complete family structure to the highest degree and have them all live on the Reservation, The Schaghticoke family structure should include the Children, Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents, most of which has moved from the reservation years ago.
As many of you may or may not know the living conditions and the conditions of the houses on the reservations are deplorable at best with some members living in total squallier.
We continue to have an ongoing struggle with the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection in assisting the SIT to maintain their tribal houses on the Reservation as mandated by C.G.S. Sec. 47-65(b) in a safe and comfortable condition.

More than any single idea permeating the plan is this one: that a sense of Tribal community pride, vision, and control of destiny is essential to the outcome of the entire project.

By utilizing the Reservation land to its best potential by building standard, elderly and handicapped housing, and a multi purpose cultural center, we will be able to return the Schaghticoke people to their Reservation.
“The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe Multi Purpose Cultural Center will serve to educate tribal members along with the general public on the historical aspects of the tribe through the past 400 years, the preservation, inhabitation, and exploration of the diverse items and materials pertaining to the culture and traditions of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe will be exhibited.“